Saturday, 10 February 2007

The Build Starts!!

Having cleared the garage of redundant Jag scrap, cleaned up and reorganised it was time to start building something!! Still a few weeks to wait until the chassis arrives but there is plenty to do.

Thought I would start with re-building the front hubs. First job was to fit the new polyurethane bushes to the wishbone arms and fit the wishbone arms to the pivot shaft. All done quite easily although the nuts aren't torqued up yet as I need to fit the upper ball joint first - which I can't do as I have forgotten to order replacement castor shims! - phone call to SNG Barratts on Monday then.
The next task was to fit new bearing races to the hubs - I wasn't looking forward to this as I thought it was going to be a bit tricky. I had however had the foresight to buy a set of bearing drifts. Here it is in action:
It turned out to be a relatively simple job taking only a couple of minutes in total. Here's the end result:
Next I fitted the new stub axle to the carrier together with the refurbished water deflector. That's about it for now as before I can fit the hub to the carrier I need to fit the stub axle oil seal in the hub and this needs to be soaked in engine oil for 24h - and guess what - I hadn't. I must start to plan ahead!
I finished off fitting the new bushes to the lower wishbone but can't complete this until I get the chassis as the lower fulcrum shaft has to pass through the chassis.

I'm off to lay some slabs on my father in law's drive tomorrow so there will be no progress - although there will be a generously proportioned free Sunday Lunch!!