Saturday, 3 October 2009

Another Day Another Suspension Tweak

Here we go again.........
At the last meet I found my recent suspension tweaks had resulted in a marginal deterioration. So I retraced my steps and then made some more tweaks with a few more short test drives along the same stretch of twisty road.

I am now at:

Front Dampers - 7 out of 12 clicks

Rear Dampers - 9 out of 12 clicks

Front Tyre Pressures - 21 psi

Rear Tyre Pressures - 20 psi

End result? an improvement over where it was before I had made it temporarily worse. Feels reasonably planted now.

There was however a little downside..... spotted a drop of oil on the floor! Turns out to be nothing more than the rocker gasket (again!).
After I changed them last time - looks like it was slightly displaced beyond the front of the head and has been pinched and ultimately broken.
Oh well - I'll get it right one day! It is a little tricky as the cork gaskets are smaller than the outer rim on the rocker covers so you sort of have to guess where they go - they also fall off / slide out of position if you don't silicone them to the covers.