Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fuel Pump Plumbing - 1

Made a start on the fuel pump / filter plumbing. In the boot I'm using TFE racing hose and fittings. This stuff ain't the cheapest but due to the special lining is impervious to fuel vapour (unlike normal braided hose) - so fingers crossed no smelly boot!

I fixed the brackets to a piece of MDF as it was easier than working in the boot:


Unknown said...

Out of curiosity, why did you choose a vertical arrangement of the two instead of putting them next to each other horizontally? From what I see on the pictures would the plumbing then not be easier, as in 'less corners' ?

STR said...

Hi Marcel,

Simple really - not enough room to mount side by side. Well, there's plenty of room in the boot actually - But I reckon this will be the neatest way??
It all needs to work with the position of the fuel tank outlet and the feed to the hard line on the chassis.
Hopefully in a coouple of days all will become clear....... or not?