Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dashboard Wiring

Today I completed the under dash wiring and finished wiring up the dashboard:

It has taken a while to do as I have methodically tested the function and earths of each circuit with my multimeter. I haven't fitted the four mechanical gauges yet as I'm waiting on some plumbing supplies - but electric wise they only have illumination so nothing complicated there.

The Hazard Switch was bit complicated and I had to phone GD for the connections - so if you're using the Hella Hazard Switch the connections are:

Light Green / Brown - Pin 49
Light Green / Brown - Pin 15
Green / White - Pin R
Green/ Red - Pin L
Light Green / Purple - Pin 49A
Black - Pin 31
Red/White - Pin 58

All that remains is to plug it all together - connect up the umbilical to the tin top and test it!!!

Time for a sweep stake on the number of faults???

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Andy said...

Go on, Ill have faith and say none!