Saturday, 12 May 2007

Nothing Done

Well, over a week has gone by and I've done....... nothing! I can't believe it's four weeks now I've been waiting for my replacement track rod ends - I'm going to have to get onto GD to see what's happening. Problem is that my engine should be here in 5 weeks and I need to move the chassis to make room to get the engine and box in the garage and to give enough space to get them assembled together. Now it's going to be much easier to move the chassis with the wheels on!

However, I've not been totally inactive. I've spent some time sourcing all the plumbing components for the engine and gearbox installation. But I'm not going to order anything until the engine is in so I can determine the exact lengths of pipe runs and the optimum positioning of the various bits and pieces.

Mind you - one thing I have done is set up a wireless network - at last! First effort took five hours with no luck. Then, following an unpleasant (for the shop assistant!) scene in PC World and a different wireless router - 5 minutes - done! You never know - Cobracam stands a chance of being resurected - this time in the right place!