Thursday, 9 October 2008

Change of Direction...... Backwards?

Having sat down and thought about things I've realised that I have effectively completed all the major jobs. Essentially what remains is essentially a fitting out process. The only holes of any significance to cut are for the wipers - need the screen to ensure they are marked out accurately. So I had planned that after fitting the screen and wipers, the next stage would have been to finish off the body. This effectively comprises cleaning up all the mess of fibreglass dust and grubby fingermarks (I had started off trying to keep it clean but this is nigh on impossible). There are also a handful of gelcoat repairs to do.... some (two only!) down to me plus a few (3 only) minor blemishes. No-one would would probably spot these minor blemishes but you find that after having the body for 9 months they start to annoy you because you know they are there!! So if I have to get the gel out to fix the dings/scratches I've made then I might as well do everything else I can find. The final stage would be to polish up the body before fitting it out.

So the plan now is to start this process at the rear of the car.... I can then finally fit the tank / carpets / roll bars / filler cap / lights etc whilst I wait for the screen. Once done I'm confident that I can keep that bit clean and ding / scratch free!!

So in preparation I've removed the lights / boot handle etc.......Ta..Da..... Backwards Progression!