Sunday, 26 October 2008

Roll Hoops Complete and Boot Carpet Started

Another day another milestone. First task was to fit the small side pieces of carpet to the back of the boot and fit the boot floor. I can thoroughly recommend Evo Stick Time Bond. Just like the normal stuff only you can slightly adjust stuff instead of it sticking fast. I can also recommend a respirator - I found this out only after I started to hallucinate!
Now this is where the false floor comes into its own. I cut some plastic "washers" and fitted them onto the roll hoops and then fitted the roll hoops AGAIN!:These were then taped in place and the roll hoops removed (AGAIN!). The boot carpet was laid face down on the floor and false floor laid face down on top of it. It was then a simple task to cut round the insides of the plastic "washers" with a scalpel. The washers were then removed and bonded to the back of the carpet. The boot floor was refitted, the carpet slid into place and the roll hoops fitted AGAIN - BUT FOR THE LAST TIME!!The carpet needs sticking down yet - but it has turned out quite a good fit with no wrinkles or gaps:Whilst fitting the roll hoops (FOR THE LAST TIME!) I fitted the extra long shock mounting bolts for the hoop U-bracket. This involves a bit of faffing on as you need to remove the other shock mounting bolt to get enough clearance to get the longer bolt in:So there we are - rolls hoops done - just need a bit of a polish now: