Sunday, 23 November 2008

Preparing for the Windscreen - Another Cunning Plan?

With the arrival of the windscreen only days away it was time to start thinking about how to install it. The problem lies in the fact that the GD body has threaded inserts moulded into the body and the centres of these inserts need to be transferred onto the "legs" of the screen when it is in the right place. However the "legs" of the screen will cover the inserts so some method of transferring the centres is needed???

I came up with the idea of taking some lengths of steel flat - drilling them for the screen fixing bolts, screwing them to some blocks of wood and bonding the blocks of wood to the inside of the body with Sikaflex:
When the Sikaflex has cured the bolts can be removed - the windscreen slid into place - and the holes marked directly. The gubbins can then be easily removed by unscrewing the flats from the blocks and cutting through the Sikalfex with a sharp blade. Well that's the theory and it should enable all four holes to be marked and drilled in one go. Below shows the arrangement on the drivers side:
On the passenger side the relays get in the way so a slightly different arrangement is needed:

Once the screen has been fitted, the wiper spindles can be marked out and cut. This then represents the end of cutting / drilling the body. So after compounding & polishing the front of the car it will be time for a big clean up!

All that then remains is to fit the wipers, heating / demist gubbins, dash, connect the electrics and a bit of trimming.

Did I really say "all"!