Sunday, 16 November 2008

Starting the Dashboard

Today I started on the dashboard, after a bit of trimming width wise and some careful marking out I cut the holes for all the switches (which I now have):

I've started marking out for the gauges but I'm not going any further until I get my hands on them - hopefully later next week.

In the meantime it was time for another odd job - this time it was fitting the footwell extension. The extension panel was prepared quite a while ago (See Here) but could not be fitted until after the body was fitted as it would foul the chassis when trying to fit the body. Obviously therefore the panel needs to be removable to permit removal of the body. The closed cell neoprene foam bonded to the panel should be enough to weatherproof it, but just in case it isn't, a bead of sikaflex was run round the inside edge and smoothed out after fitting:

Hmmmm, this should make the carpeting interesting!