Monday, 10 November 2008

Re-assembling my rear end !

The local sweatshop hasn't finished altering the last piece of carpet yet!!! so I set about putting back the things I had taken off previously:

I took the opportunity to add reflectors - these are needed to pass the SVA test but as I am not fitting the rear nudge bars there is nowhere handy to fit them. Instead I fitted them to small aluminium plates that slip between indicator and brake light housings and the mounting rubbers. Neat enough for SVA and easily removable later - for show purposes only obviously.
I also finally fitted the tailpipes - these slip into the rear silencers (sealed with High Temp Silicone) and fixed with a stainless steel self tapping screw:Drilling through stainless steel upside down is definitely not in my top ten list of favourite pastimes!
When finished out came the tape measure and I decide the exhausts were not central (again!) - it is really obvious against the reversing and fog lights. It is simple enough to adjust by slackening off the six mounting bolts on the rear rubber hanger - it is just difficult to get in there to reach them easily. In hindsight the axle stands should have been higher but I would have needed a bigger jack to get the car up there in the first place. No matter, it's done now.
I just need to finish off the carpet and fit the boot rubber and I think that will be the back done - time to move onto the cockpit?