Thursday, 26 March 2009

What's Next?...... and the Blog???

Whilst waiting for the DVLA there's plenty of bits to take off and replace and the suspension to sort out.

But what about the Blog???? well after nearly 1000 days and over 30,000 visits it seems wrong to just let it end here?

These cars are never finished... there is always something to do. Then there is the opportunity to share the experiences of driving the damn thing after all this time.

You will note that I have changed the title to "Driving" from "Building"..... as long as people keep looking.... I'll keep posting!

Look out for the first set of mods coming up this weekend..... no time like the present!


Andy said...

Don't kill the blog! Its turned into an unofficial build manual full of useful tips and ideas.

Also it will be interesting to see what its like living with a GD, what goes wrong, what you might have done differently etc. And of course what happens when you decide that it needs to be painted!

STR said...

Oh.... alright then!

Andy said...

Good man!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for completing your build.

This is by far the best and most useful cobra build blog known to me, so please keep it going.

I still hope that you will upgrade on the accusump and build a dry sump for the chevy in the future ( so that I can copy it :-) ).



STR said...

Thanks Marius,

I'll dry sump it when I swap out the 383 for an LS7!!;)

Rhys said...


Are you planning to put stripes on?

It's so small next to a person :P

STR said...

Haven't decided about stripes yet..

It's bigger than an MX5! - doesn't help that I'm 6'4" so I'd make most things look small!!

Unknown said...

I agree on keeping the blog around. It inspired me to start mine, and I regularly read back some of your writings.

Is the LS7 idea serious??? I hesitated briefly to choose the LS7 over the LS2 I have now, but it takes a serious extra cash injection I could not justify.

STR said...

HeHeHe... yup the LS7 would come after I got bored with supercharging and Nitrous!

Everyone can have a dream!!