Monday, 4 May 2009

The good old days!!!

Having picked up my engine bay louvres and stoneguards at Stoneliegh I once again had some jobs to do on the car..... just like the good old days! You'll remember that I fitted blanking plates for the SVA test and crudely bodged them into place with silicone adhesive. I ripped the plates off to be confronted by the remaining silicone:It was at this point that I remembered what a bugger silicone can be to get off anything - not to mention GRP. However off I went to my local Screwfix Direct (3 miles away) and in exchange for less than three pounds got a little pot of this:Tried it out on an off cut of GRP - no reaction. Applied it to the remaining silicone - waited 20 minutes - applied some more - waited 20 minutes and yup..... No Nonsense..... Just scraped it all of with an old credit card. No silicone and no scratching or marks to the GRP. A quick roughing up with some wet and dry it was ready to paint matt black:Here's the finished article ready for the Louvre.... when I've got me hands on some M3x30 allen head bolts that is:Simply repeat for the other side.


Andy said...

Thats better! What you going to do when you've finished these little bits? How about fitting a remote filter housing?!? ;)

STR said...

Very Good Andy...... Either that or an excuse to buy yet another tool! :)