Sunday, 10 May 2009

UK Cobra Club - North East Area Group

Now that the car is (nearly) finished (for the moment) I put my self forward as the Area Rep for the North East / North Yorkshire Area Group of the UK Cobra Club. There a enough Cobs hiding up here in the North East / North Yorkshire to have a viable monthly meet so it's time to get them to come out of the woodwork.

We need a venue for a regular monthly meet and after some research I decided on The Manor House Inn , the meet being on the third Sunday of the Month starting in June.

It is on the A68 just by Derwent Reservoir and can be found here.

This gave me a good excuse for a drive out to check it out and get the agreement of the landlord. I had a bit of a drive round Derwent Reservoir when I was there and ended up doing 112 miles - the longest trip to date - with no problems. When I filled up upon returning it would appear that I had done just over 15mpg... but then I was taking it steady!