Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More Miles, Getting Wet & Joining the "ACC" Club

The other night we decided to go to Seahouses for a fish supper. Nice 100 mile round trip up and back down the Northumberland Coastal Route. It was a nice evening when we set off..... but about 10 miles short of Seahouses the heavens opened. Even trying to keep some speed up didn't help and we got soaked. Luckily I managed to find a covered petrol station forecourt in Seahouses and took some shelter 'till it passed.

I must admit it looked at little daft driving an open topped car in the rain with the wipers on yet having to wipe the inside of the screen also!!

On the way back it became overcast and a bit colder... my Wife had nearly frozen to death by the time we got home! The heater is OK until you are going faster than 30mph.... then all the heat just gets sucked out of the cockpit!

Time to think about investing in a hood me-thinks.

I've ditched the age related registration I got after SVA and changed to a 1963 "ACC" plate. After much deliberation I opted for a "stick on" plate for the front.... it is about as neat as you can get in my opinion.

On the whole I think it looks a lot better:

I still need to fit the stoneguards on the rear arches..... haven't found myself bothered to jack the car up and remove the rear wheels yet!


Andy said...

At least you wont have to labour on the justification for a soft top! Has it dried out OK?

STR said...

The 50 miles back dried it out just fine!

Good point on the justification :)