Sunday, 31 December 2006

Seconds out...... Round Two

Well that’s the rear finished now – all I need is the reconditioned parts back from Wards and I can commence re-assembly. I suppose in theory this is a minor landmark – but it doesn’t feel like it – there still seems plenty to do before I have enough parts to start assembling onto a chassis. I suppose this is no big deal as my chassis won’t be ready until end of February / early March.

I’ve dug out all the parts for the front near-side ready for cleaning and painting – as you can see there doesn’t appear to be as many as for the rear. Some parts are not required such as the steering arm (this is replaced by a Gardner Douglas item as the steering rack is in front of the wheels as opposed to behind as on the Jaguar). The anti-roll bar mounting is not required either as the chassis is being constructed without. Advice from GD was that this is not really needed unless some serious use on track was planned. However it can be retro-fitted at a later date should I feel it’s necessary.

I am re-conditioning the front hubs myself as these are relatively straightforward compared to the fancy preloaded bearing efforts on the rear hubs. Stub axles, inner and outer wheel bearings are being replaced and new powerflex bushes will be fitted to the wishbones. Not sure if I’ll be able to fit these myself or if I’ll have to “borrow” a press?

Here we are at the end of one year and the beginning of another. I wonder how far on the build will be at this time next year? I have always had a rough programme of 2 years but without going into any detail. I have steered clear of having a strict build programme – mainly to avoid disappointment I think! I would hope that this time next year as a minimum I would have a complete rolling chassis with running engine and should be just starting work on fitting the body out. Now this may not seem like much – but I’m trying not to be overenthusiastic whilst remaining realistic with regard to budget.