Friday, 20 July 2007

Engine in .... T -1

We were supposed to be away this weekend but there's been a last minute change of plan - weather played a big factor. So........... looks like it's time to bite the bullet! I'm confident I can change the slave bracket in-situ so in goes the engine this weekend.

Rigged everything up and done a trial lift to check the angle of dangle...... seems OK:
So tomorrow I need to shift the engine to the back of the garage, get the chassis into the right place, remove the two engine bay braces and drop it in. I'm sure it won't be that simple?

One critical point is the top bell-housing bolt. Most GD builds omit this bolt when using an SBC and Repower bell-housing as the bolt can foul the chassis top rail. So I can either chance it, remove it or grind the head down a few mm and replace it? Something to think over tonight.

I have already removed the gear shifter to give more clearance and also as I'll probably reverse it to the forward position to avoid having to crank the gear lever too much. Again this may not be possible due to the proximity of one of the top horizontal members on the transmission tunnel.

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Andy said...

Good luck!