Saturday, 21 July 2007

Engine in !!!!!!!!!!

Good day today. Lifted the engine and gearbox from its pallet and moved it to the back of the garage. Pushed the chassis outside and then back in again to get everything lined up. Then, inch by inch, in it went:

I had originally fixed the engine mounts to the block - however clearance is so tight that I had to take them off and fit them again once the engine was more or less in place.
Once the gearbox is into the transmission tunnel I put a jack under the end of the gearbox so I could start to level things out as the engine and box moved further in.
All in all it took about 45 minutes to get the engine in place. Then it was time to mark out and drill the gearbox mounting plate. Once this was trial fitted it was then removed and sprayed with VHT paint. Whilst the paint was drying I refitted the engine bay braces. I needed to jack up against the lower front chassis member in order to flex the top of the chassis out so I could fit the braces.

I also had to unbolt the ignition lead guides as they were fouling the chassis at the back - I need to do some adjustments on these. The finished gearbox bracket was re-fitted and all the mountings torqued up - Job Done!
Time for a beer - or several!!

P.S. There is plenty of room to swap out the clutch slave bracket:


Unknown said...

Congrats! Certainly a milestone today.

Andy said...

Top job Simon, looks the biz.

STR said...

Thanks Chaps.