Monday, 1 December 2008

Cockpit Carpet - 1

The next job is to final fit the windscreen, and this includes fitting the steering column support bar. The steering column support bar has additional fixings onto the top of the transmission tunnel. So....... in order to complete the above, the tunnel carpet needs fixing first. This is a large piece of carpet and would become unwieldy if covered in Evo-Stick in one go!

I lined the carpet up - then carefully folded up the rear section - sprayed adhesive and then glued just the top down. I then folded up the front part - sprayed the remaining length of the top and glued that down.
It was then a matter of spraying each side in turn and sticking down working away from the change in width of the tunnel in both directions:
The sections of this carpet that then stick into the footwell sides will be done later (need to figure out what to do in the footwell extension on the drivers side!).
Having 10 minutes to spare before tea... I fitted the the wiper spindles:I have not fully tightened them up as they will need rotating to suit the position of the wiper Bundy Tube: