Sunday, 28 December 2008

Demist and Heater Vent Plumbing

We are now in that no-mans land between Christmas and New Year - time for some garage time. The next big job is to trim and fit the dashboard - in preparation for this I decided it was time to fit the heater vents and connect them up together with the demist vents.
The demist vents fit into holes cut into the under-dash panels - easy enough - the ductwork is the fiddly bit!
The box in the front left corner of the under dash panel is a 12 volt socket from a Bentley GT (another e-bay Bargain) and should be useful for the old sat-nav / phone charger - very neat as it closes flush when not in use:You will need to make up two splitters - easy done with some plastic waste pipe and some plastic solvent - The joints were then sealed with Sikaflex and painted black (don't ask me why):
The windscreen wiper bundy tube is very convenient for tying the ductwork to:

As the under-dash panels will be fitted last - after the dashboard - you will need to leave enough length of duct to enable you to connect it up to the vent before fitting the panels - when fitted it looks like you have too much duct:Last job was fix the Mallory HyFire box into place:All very neat and tidy. I need to fit the footwell bulkhead carpet before I can finally fit the ductwork to the heater outlets.