Sunday, 17 February 2008

Engine Bay Harness - 2

The first job of the day was to start fitting the end connectors - a simple task made complicated by middle aged eyesight and fat fingers! The first step was to strip the wire back and fit the individual neoprene wire seals.

Next the pins needed to be crimped on the wires - this was the tricky bit as the pins were small and fiddly and my crimping pliers were about 100 times larger!

The completed pins are pushed into the body of the connector where they latch into place - Once in place that is it - they cannot be dismantled. The wire seals are then pushed into the connector to seal the entry holes.

The appropriate enclosure is fitted to the connector and adjacent conduit and hey presto nice neat job.

Before fitting the completed harness I had to remove the temporary dashboard and electrics - so there will be no starting and running the engine for a while!! I also replaced the rocker covers that were damaged in transit with the replacements sent by BAE. The rocker cover fixing bolts were use to hold the harness in place via a pair of anodised p-clips per cover. As you can see below this makes for a reasonably neat installation.
The next view shows the connectors where the engine harness connects to the main body loom. You can just make out the first "T-piece" in the conduit which leads off tho the gearbox leg of the harness.The section of loom that runs down the nearside rocker cover splits, the shorter leg picking up the EFC and the longer leg picking up the Oil Pressure Fuel Pump Safety Switch, Oil Temperature Sender - the wires can be seen coiled up waiting for these items to be fitted. The leg then continues a bit further to the Accusump:I haven't connected up the starter leg as I'm still contemplating a bit of heat sheilding to the cabling and starter.