Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Bits

Had a trip down to GD this morning and picked up some more parts - The body loom:
There's rather a lot of it and it needs modifying to incorporate the additions I've made in the engine bay loom!

Next is the adjustable pedal box - this really is a masterful piece of engineering - I might just put it on the coffee table and stare at it!:
Also I picked up some of the flexible hose for the pedal box and the clutch reservoir - the brake reservoir and the bulkhead hoses are on back order: And finally the heater and de-mister kit:I also collected a battery tray, washer botttle and brake light switch and bracket.

I was the planning the first job to be the mocking up of the pedal box and testing the hydraulic circuits. However I can't do this without the missing flexible bulkhead hoses. So I think the first job will be modifying the heater box (it wont fit in a MKIV body as it is) and fitting that followed by modifying the body loom and installing that.