Saturday, 30 September 2006

Satan's Rear Hub - 2

Still not decided what to do next with the offending article!

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Potential Boredom

Having dismantled most of the Jag Independent Rear Suspension I spent a fair bit of time dismantling Universal Joints – Haynes recommended tapping the side of the UJ yoke with a rubber mallet and the bearing would work itself to the outside and could then be removed by hand. This seemed too easy – it does work they just don’t tell you that it takes about 45 minutes per bearing – 4 per UJ – 4 UJ’s in total – that’s gonna be 12 hours!!!. Having done the first couple of bearings I realised that as I was going to replace all the UJ’s I didn’t need to remove them carefully – as long as I didn’t damage the Yokes. I then quickly devised a fairly brutal method involving the direct metal on metal application of force. Result….. less than 5 minutes to dismantle a complete Universal Joint.

Not sure what to do about the stubborn rear hub.

P.S. I have been noting the position of all the camber control shims removed from either side of the inboard discs – hopefully this may make getting the correct camber on re-assembly easier – although I have a sneaking feeling that I may have to start from scratch with this.

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Satan's Rear Hub - 1

A quick foray on Ebay results in me being the proud owner of a Haynes Workshop Manual and a Haynes Restoration Manual – having digested the contents I was ready to start stripping my pile of junk. First job is to remove the rear hubs. Ahh…. First job is to purchase a hub puller. A bit of brute force is required but ultimately the splined drive shaft is driven out of the hub. It then becomes a relatively simple task to remove the shocks, wishbones and drive shafts.

The other hub however came from a world were thread locking compound was obviously given away free with breakfast cereal and had to be used in copious amounts! Result – what I thought was the shaft “popping” out of the hub was in fact the hub puller snapping!

A visit to Machine Mart armed me with a hub puller on steroids – only this time the only thing I was going to break was my arm! – the more leverage I could apply the nearer I came to a nasty accident.

So I removed the hub complete with the entire drive shaft and universal joints – I need to think.