Friday, 21 December 2007

Surprise Christmas Visitor

Here it is.... the fuel pressure regulator bracket....... I'll admit to having forgotten about it so I went and picked it up today.

With a bit of fettling that'll be the regulator mounted properly then.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

The trouble with Accusumps is......

..... that they may not always fit under the bonnet! Well nearly but not quite. I have to admit to have taken a flyer with the positioning of the Accusump. The height of the installation was measured relative to the header tank. However, looking at the underside of the bonnet it was clear that I hadn't bargained on the deeper edge to the bonnet:
With some careful setting out it appears that the body of the Accusump will fit - it is just the pressure gauge that fouls the underside of the bonnet. The easiest fix will be to remote mount the gauge.... time to order some more plumbing bits then.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Body Arrives!

After a long day on the road the body finally landed in the garage. Having got GD to prep and polish the body as well as fitting the body panels was well worth the additional expense. I am extremely pleased with the end results.

So here's some photos - fluorescent lights and flash photography don't make it look as red as it really is. The colour is spot on for what I was after.
Well with Christmas and New Year round the corner there's not going to be much happening in the garage for a while - which is a good thing as the build funds are now quite depleted! - not sure if I can afford a turkey for dinner on Christmas Day now!!

Any spare time over the festive period will probably be spent planning the next stages of the build.