Monday, 7 January 2008

It's been a long time ......

..... but I have eventually got round to fitting the fuel pressure regulator properly!!

Just fits nicely.

I also fabricated a small bracket to take a rubber lined p-clip to secure the end of the copper fuel line to ensure that all the engine movement was accommodated in the loop of braided hose running to the regulator.

Friday, 4 January 2008

The Next Phase

Here we are on day 499 of the build and at the start of a new year..... maybe this will be the year I hit the road???..... not according to my programme..... but then that is a trifle pessimistic.

Not achieved much in the garage since the last post .... although the fuel pressure regulator bracket is ready to be fixed once I get some stainless bolts.

The first job I should be doing is under sealing the body - however this really needs to be sprayed outside and it's been too cold/dark/wet recently.

Instead I have been busying myself by starting on the wiring diagrams - although I am using the GD standard looms there need to be a number of additions: Accusump, EFC, Oil Pressure Safety Switch for fuel pump, Oil Temperature Sender, Clutch / Neutral / Crank Interlock. Here's the first attempt:

I've also been planning the remaining stages of the build. These have been based on the experiences of other builders:


Fit pedal box, heater box, brake and clutch connections, fluid reservoirs, washer bottle and main body wiring loom.

Fit body to chassis, make final hydraulic connections, fill-bleed and check all hydraulic systems!!


Fit lighting, windscreen, steering column & support, wiper spindles, demist & escutcheons, wiper motor & mechanism.


Fit carpets and leather trim to tunnel, bulkhead, scuttle, floor and doors.


Fit handbrake, prep and trim dashboard. Fit instruments and switches. Fit dash loom and install dash. Fit ash bottom and heater vents.


Fit remaining escutcheon plates, steering wheel, fuel tank, boot carpeting, fuel cap and filler hose, roll bars, seat belts & anchor plates, seats and runners, brightwork.


Fit wheels and SVA test!!!

I'm not planning on getting the bits for Stage 5 until the middle of Feb, but in the meantime there is plenty to do:

Underseal body, fit clutch slave cylinder remote bleed, fit tunnel sheet, fit starter motor heat shield, fabricate and fit revised engine loom, re-locate Accusump pressure gauge and fit the exhaust back boxes