Sunday, 19 July 2009

North East Area Group Meet (July 09)

After a couple of days of torrential rain with some associated flooding we got 5 cobs together and we chased the sun round all day! Went for a drive up to Keilder reservoir and back through Otterburn and Stamfordham. Click on the map to see the details: It was a cracking day out:In the last photo you'll notice my left index finger is bandaged up - had an accident at work on Wednesday - sliced it down to the bone, severed some nerves and damaged a tendon and had to have it stitched back on. 160 miles later....... it's now bloody agony and gone a lovely shade of black - still - too good a day to miss.

Thanks to Tommy for Navigation and Photography duties.

Friday, 17 July 2009

A Miscellany of Distractions

It's been a while since I've posted any updates........ kind of been distracted by other things.

Got s few more miles in, been to another hot-rod meet at the Gateshead Metro Centre - forgot my camera which was a shame as there were 5 cobs there this time!

Now that the build has finished I've still felt the need to tinker. Fixed the mother-in-laws lawn mower (and her TV!) and found a junked treadmill motor on eBay for a few quid..... so with some plastic drainage pipe cut up and shaped for blades I made one of these using other bits and pieces in my garage:

Produces 18v in not much wind and was up to 30v (with no load) in the video. The idea is to charge marine batteries (identified a free source for some) and to then power my garage through a voltage inverter. Just need to acquire a 10foot scaffold pole as a mast now.

Most of my spare time at the minute has been taken up with helping my neighbour plan a somewhat extreme project.......... The plan is to build a twin engined 32 foot offshore powerboat along these lines:
The budget is limited so the plan will be to build the hull in ply (Dave is good with wood) and then overlay it inside and out with fibreglass. Motive power is planned to come from two Lexus V8's liberated from a couple of MOT failure LS400's which we will marinise and "chip" to give us 650-700 BHP. So far I've been getting to grips with some 3D hull design software - still got a way to go with this before it gets the chance to pass the feasibility test!!
Back to Cobras, this Sunday is the next North East Area Group Meet, I've planned a drive out to Keilder Reservoir so here's hoping for a) some not too wet weather and b) some other cobs to turn up.
I'll attempt to remember my camera this time!