Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fame at Last??

Maybe not..........You may or may not remember this post? Well that was on the 24th June so I suppose now's the time to come clean.

On 24th June 2009 Rob Hawkins came up for a Photo Shoot - you might have spotted this fact already by looking in the "Driving" Photo Gallery. The article was written and, as is usual with these things, some time elapses before it actually gets into print. To be honest I had forgotten all about it until I got an e-mail from Martin last night. So here it is - Part 1 - 8 pages, Part 2 - another 8 pages to follow next month.

Obviously I cannot reproduce the article(s) on here at this time, but will do when the mags are no longer current. (Thanks to Den Tanner for the above PDF of the front Cover)

So rush out and get your copy now...... and don't forget Part 2 will be available from the 18th December!!

I have to admit though..... colour looks a little odd.... especially when you compare the cover to the original photo:

Which got me thinking...... with a little bit of Photoshopping I put the original photo back in:

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Winter Jobs

Well it's getting to that time of year. Dark in the evenings, damp or wet most days, salt starting to go down on the roads. Combined with the preparations for Christams the opportunities for a decent drive out are diminishing. So thoughts turn to the list of outstanding jobs that never got completed because I was too busy driving the car or simply too lazy to do them!

After 2500 miles I am pretty happy with the car. Hand on heart there is nothing that I would have done differently and nothing that detracts from my enjoyment of driving the car. The to do list simply comprises of tweaks or niggles - nothing major.

By the time I had sat down with a pen and paper I had drawn up quite a list:

After my visit to GD for Andy to set up the suspension I had taken a lot of castor off. Whilst the car still runs true and self centres...... I prefer the steering to be a little heavier than it is now.... but not as heavy as before. Maybe just swap one shim over?

The total camber on the fronnt is more or less correct, but there is slightly more one side than the other. This is a function of the fact that the Jaguar Camber shims only come in 1/8 and 1/4 inch thicknesses. So I'm going to need an accurate camber gauge and some bespoke shims.

Obviously changing the castor and camber will affect the bumpsteer - so this needs to be done again. Before I do this I'm going to make a bump steer gauge so that the whole process becomes much more simple and quicker. I have some ideas already on how to do this so watch this space.

One of the outcomes of Andy's test drive was that the rears would benefit from a tad more negativve camber - they are more or less at zero degrees at the minute. A simple enough job made difficult by the restricted access to diff output shafts.

Simple Job, just a bugger to get the dash bottom cover back in afterwards...... probably why I had been putting it off? Perhaps I should have made it more accessible? not that you want to be changing it every 5 minutes though.

Works OK 95% of the time - needs a slight modification to cover the 5% that they cancel too early - nromally when indicating right and approacing a roudabout with a curve to the left on approach. I know what needs to be done - just havn't done it yet!

Yup, had to concede defeat at last. The absence of a hood effictively limits you to day trips. I an hoping next year to venture to France for a week or so. Therefore a hood sort of becomes a necessity. Linked with this are the side screens. Not sure if I want to go with the GD ones or do something a little different???

It still smells a bit...... need to investigte what alternative possibilites there are. The fluroelastomer lined Silicone filler pipes are not necessarilly vapour proof. The fluroelastomer has to be dilluted as in a concentrated form it does not adhere to silicone!!!! Quality control can be a problem. Again not a massive issue but if I am going to have a purge on niggly things then I might as well add it to the list.

The standard tank is around 10 gallons. On a long trip being sensible I can get 160 miles before needing to fill up - mainly due to the 0.64 overdriven 5th gear. Whilst hooning around on the last drive out to hartside saw me nearly run out of fuel after 90 miles - a wildly swinging around fuel pressure gauge gives you a good indication that you aint gonna get much further! The problem is compounded by the rural nature of Northumberland where you could end up 40 miles from the nearest petrol station quite easilly. Thinking about the possibilities of either increasing the size of the tank or providing an auxilliary tank. My neighbour has a freind who is good at welding stainless.... might come in handy.

Thought about it during the build...... sort of then forgot. Plumbed in or not plumbed in????? need to decide.

Fancy fitting some stainless woven mesh to finish things off, but leave the rad opeining as it is. Might fit a top baffle plate to the coil cooler as GD now do.

Still would like to get this done only there is nowhere close by. But having a hood should mean no problems waiting for a nice day to go further afeild.

Plus quite a few other little odds and sods including some routine maintenance ready for the spring.

Monday, 16 November 2009

New Photo Galleries

The old photo galleries have been removed. However, do not despair as they have been replaced by what I hope is a much slicker affair which should make it easier to find things. You will find them just where they used to be - on the right hand side and down a bit.