Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What's going on?

You'll have noticed that the pictures in the blog title have changed......... one day it will become clear what was going on.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

North East Area Group Meet (June 09)

Well today was the Inaugural Monthly Meet for the Cobra Club North East Area Group. I got there first and began to wonder if I was going to be on my own......However, I was shortly joined by Bob with his AK and Howard with his Unique Autocraft Python.......... and if that wasn't good enough...... then Geoff arrived in his Dax......So there we are.... the largest number of Cobra Replicas in one place in the North East to Date!

The weather was superb, sat outside in the blazing sun eating our Sunday Roasts. As this was the first meet I hadn't organised anything in the way of drive outs as I wasn't sure on turn out. Next Month I'll get a trip out organised.

Interestingly, of the four cars, one was 12 years old, another 15 and the third 20. Two were automatic, 3 had underslungs, 3 had chevy power with the fourth being rover powered.

So that's just over 1000 miles up now..... time to start thinking about rolling road tuning and returning to the mothership for final suspension tweaks. I've tried my best, but it still gets slightly interesting once you are over the ton.... on private roads obviously.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hot Rod Meet

Had our first North East Group Meet tonight, went along to the Hot Rod and Muscle Car Meet at the Gateshead Metro Centre. Two Cobs plus Tommy (soon to start building) turned up. Quite a few interesting cars there plus plenty of interest in the Cobras:

It all got a bit wet after an hour and I had to leave as the interior was getting soaked!..... dried out OK though.

Friday, 5 June 2009


Been taking advantage of the decent weather recently - nearly up to 900 miles now! It was almost becoming my daily driver at the beginning of the week:

I've carried on tweaking tyre pressures and damper settings and feel that I am getting somewhere close. The more I get used to it the brisker I am driving it and it still feels quite sorted. It is only when you let the lunatic loose in you does it feel like it still needs a little fettling. I will be going back to GD at some point for Andy to finish off setting it up.

Last weekend I had a shock.... spotted a small oil leak on the drive!!!! Turned out it was the NPT fitting on the underside of the Accusump. Nipped it up and it seemed OK, this has however set me back a bit in the paranoia stakes.

I've been on a few trips but keep forgetting to take my camera.... something I promise to rectify.

I also changed the metering rods in the carb to make it one step richer on the cruise circuit (4%). This made a reasonable improvement to the below 1500rpm running. Dead easy to do, air cleaner off undo the screw in each of the covers, pull out the pistons and rods, change the rods and put it all back together:
Here's the Edelbrock Video.... shows you exactly how easy it is:

Plenty of people keep mistaking the gel coat finish for paint:
Had a dabble with Photoshop, and now I have a new desktop background:
Looks like rain the weekend..... maybe I should get round to fitting the stoneguards??