Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 6

We're up to 6 all ready - I'm not dragging things out honest!

Bit more progress over the last few days. With the aid of a Turkey Baster the oil cooler and all the oil plumbing was filled and all the remaining connections made:

Next comes the interesting bit....... The electrics were connected up to my tin top and the results were:

  1. Tin Top did not catch fire.
  2. Cobra did not catch fire.
  3. No fuses Blew.
  4. Fans worked OK.
  5. Starter worked OK.
  6. 2 x 5 second bursts on the starter saw around 10psi on the oil pressure gauge.

Result...... Just need some fuel now. I had been pondering what to do about a temporary fuel tank - I didn't fancy bunging a pipe in a petrol can - didn't seem too safe?

The solution was to use a portable fuel tank for an outboard motor - 12 quid - vented with built in fuel pick up - bargain:

Anyone fancy a bet on how long 12 litres won't last!!

Remaining tasks are:

  • Connect up fuel run - need a couple more fittings as I've found a better way of routing the fuel to the carb via the regulator - which reminds me I need to chase up where my regulator bracket is.
  • Fit the back boxes - best not to break the neighbours windows!!
  • Flush out and fill the cooling system.
  • err........... and that's it!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 5

Had plenty of DIY chores to do today however, still managed to grab an hour in the garage to get the oil cooler fitted. I had to shorten the GD supplied hoses and fit new 60 degree hose ends:Ended up a reasonably neat job with plenty of clearance between the radiator and the inner arch. The connections haven't been tightened as I still need to fill the oil cooler and pipework
Tomorrow I think I'll be oil filling and checking the orientation of the one way valve!!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 4

Well that's the wiring complete and checked, oil pressure and water temperature sensors installed, alternator and starter wired up:

I've also connected the heater hoses but need a hose joiner to make a complete loop as there is no heater installed.

I'm not that happy with the installation of the oil pressure switch and pressure sender as it looks like a bit of bodge! - I'll have to think of a better way for the permanent install:

Next job is to plumb in the oil cooler and fill it together with as much of the pipework as possible. Then the final task will be to connect the fuel lines....... Getting Closer..........

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 3 : Part 2 - Bonfire Avoidance

After some discussions with fellow cobra builder Andy, I have started to make some minor amendments to the temporary wiring:
Although it is coming up to bonfire season - best not to have one in the Garage!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 3

Spent a couple of more hours on the temporary dash - Warning lights fitted and most of the wiring done - ran out of spade terminals!All that is left to do is fit the engine earth strap, wire up the fans, fit and wire up the oil pressure sensor, fit and wire up the water temperature sender and connect the starter motor and alternator.

It is perhaps not the tidiest thing on earth but then it's not permanent!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 2

It's been a while but I've not been completely idle! I now have a temporary dashboard installed - it just needs 2 warning lights - and wiring up of course!I've also filled the gearbox with oil and covered the garage floor with the same oil!! Now the instructions for the Tremec said to fill with 5.26 pints which I worked out to be a tad over 3 litres. However..... a US pint is 0.8327 UK pints which is 2.5 litres...... this explains why I have half a litre of oil on the floor....... bugger!

I got a bit carried away with the temporary dash and I need to get back to finishing the oil cooler pipework.

Can't finish the fuel line run as I'm waiting on a bracket for the pressure regulator.

Getting closer......

Monday, 15 October 2007

Preparing for Engine Start - 1

Right then..... the day is on the horizon when it will be time to start the engine.

I am currently waiting for my friendly blacksmith to make up the bracket for the fuel pressure regulator (he's a bit busy at the moment!). So continuing on the theme of the fuel supply I've temporarily mounted the fuel pump and filter (as these go in the boot at the end of the day):However there still remains quite a few things to do (and odd bits to buy). I'm putting the list here to remind me!

  • Fit Oil Cooler and fill cooler and pipework (need 2 No. 60 degree Aeroquip fittings, a 3/8 BSP Blanking Plug and some oil!).
  • Fill Gearbox (need oil).
  • Fit fuel pressure regulator and plumb in carb (need bracket & 90 degree -6 hose end).
  • Plumb in Fuel Pump / Filter (need some 3/8 fuel hose and hose clips and some 3/8 NPT hose barbs)
  • Block off Carb Servo Vacuum Port (need blanking plug but don't know what size?)
  • Fit the heater hoses and connect together to provide a flow path (no heater yet!)
  • Fill the cooling system with coolant

Then comes the interesting bit - the temporary electrical system!!

I'm going to need:

  • Rev Counter (altered for MSD control box output), Oil Pressure Gauge / Sender , Water Temp Gauge / Sender
  • Jump Leads
  • Assorted Wiring

And I'm going to have to fit:

  • MSD Ignition Control Box (too many wires!)
  • Coil
  • Main Battery / Starter Cables
  • Earthing Strap

And not forgetting all the things I've just forgotten.

Shouldn't be long...... watch this space

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Yet More Plumbing!

More Plumbing Today.... Started off by fitting the valves and adaptors to the accusump and then permanently fixing the accusump into position.
Next job was to make up a hose to connect the accusump to the main oil circuit:
Even with the correct vice jaw protectors and being careful, it is still very easy to mark the anodising! Having fitted the hose ends the next step was to connect the accusump up:
So far so good...... tightened all the fittings up and moved onto the feed and return lines to the take off plate. This is where I needed to double and triple check - as there is a one way valve fitted before the accusump Tee it is important to get the feed and return lines the right way round - otherwise no flow!!
The above picture shows the take off plate placed below where it will fit. As the oil from the pump flows the to the outside of the filter and returns through the centre, it can be seen that the bottom hose is therefore the feed from the engine, and the top hose is the return to the filter.

So armed with this valuable information the GD supplied hoses were shortened and new 45 degree hose ends fitted.
So after a final tightening / checking of the connections it was job done:

This just leaves the oil cooler to be fitted (by temporarily hanging it from the radiator support frame) and filled with oil.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Fancy Bracket No. 2 Finished

After a bit more miscellaneous metalwork the oil stat bracket is now in place. Then the various bits of plumbing were fitted but not finally tightened as I still have to cut the oil hoses to length and fit the hose ends.So next I need to fit all the hoses and temporarily hang the oil cooler and that's the Oil System finished - apart filing the new stuff.

I started looking at fitting the fuel supply system - shown below is the fuel pressure regulator complete with pressure gauge:
The problem is that this needs to fit between the fuel inlet pipe and the carb - and the distributor and air cleaner are in the way. This needs a bit more thought - and possibly a third fancy bracket??

Monday, 1 October 2007

Accusump Trial Fitted!!

After a bit more bracketry I managed to trial fit the Accusump - a downside to mirror polished stainless steel is that it dont half show fingermarks!!
Not a bad job...... even if I do say so myself!