Wednesday, 27 June 2007

All Problems Solved

Spoke to Jez (my engine builder) today and everything is resolved now.

I shall be getting a delivery next week which will include:

  • Engine Mounts
  • Replacement Rocker Covers (probably leave the old ones on until engine is in)
  • Bung for the mechanical speedo output on the gearbox (I'll be using the electrical output)
  • An adjustable ball spigot (needed for my particular clutch and flywheel set up)

So I've had a few problems but full marks to BAE in sorting them out in week! (Bearing in mind the most trouble was caused by TNT - I wonder if they'll manage to turn up at work tomorrow to collect the spare gearbox..... otherwise watch out on Ebay!!)

So later next week I should hopefully be on the verge of putting the engine in!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Two Steps Forward.... One Step Back?

After some more stupidity by TNT my replacement gearbox eventually turned up at work today, now I have two:I refitted the bellhousing and clutch fork and fitted the gearbox to the engine. Slight problem though.... the clutch release fork has ended up too far back in the bellhousing for the slave pushrod to fit. This also leaves no allowance for clutch wear:I checked that the clutch release bearing was fitted to the fork properly..... it was. This leaves the ball spigot as the likely culprit. Mine needs to be shorter to produce the correct fork alignment. Looks like a call to BAE tomorrow.

Of course there is always the chance that I've done something daft..... but I don't think so.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Engine and Gearbox Woes (2)

Day off today to wait for the replacement gearbox. In preparation I had to remove the bell housing (this had been dialed in to fit my engine) together with the clutch slave, fork and release bearing:
And guess what...... no show by the courier..... now I am starting to get pissed off!!

Spoke to Ian again and it looks like a Delivery to work on Monday.... shall I cross my fingers?

It must be remembered that control of couriers is a bit out of BAE's control and I'm not blaming them ...... if you pay for guaranteed next day delivery by TNT you would expect it to happen.
However, if I'd been sent the right one in the first place ..............

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Engine and Gearbox Woes (1)

Went to take the gearbox off the pallet today and found that the Courier had been less than careful..... the pallet had been subjected to a big enough shock to dislodge the gearbox and damage the nearside rocker cover:
In addition I had no engine mounts!

And then to top it all.... I had been sent the wrong gearbox! I had a 600RR instead of the 600 with the taller 5th gear.

I spoke to Ian at BAE who to be honest was not very happy - Engine mounts are on back order, new rocker covers are being ordered and a replacement gearbox is being sorted for Friday.

This has taken the edge off things..... Engine won't be going in this weekend then!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Engine & Gearbox are Here!!

I don't think any words are required!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Engine Test Run

Here's a clip from the test run video - this'll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!!

Thanks to Ian and Jez at BAE

Can't wait 'till Tuesday now!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Engine Build Has Started

BAE have started the final assembly of my engine. This should be completed on Saturday with a test run. So hopefully it will be in my garage a week tomorrow!! Up until then there will be little to do.

I refurbed the Jag Handbrake - as I suspected this didn't take too long at all as it was in a very good condition to start with!

The last thing I found to do was to clear the garage out and move the chassis tight up against the wall to give plenty of room to assemble the gearbox to the engine.

I've researched all the parts I'll need to complete the engine installation, but as I've said before I'm not going to order them until I have the engine...... just in case!

So check back in 8 days..... there should be something happening then!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Bought a Jag XJS fly-off handbrake off EvilBay for 20 Quid. Turned up today and looks like it has hardly been used - the chrome on the lever is unmarked!! Took 5 minutes to put the bits together and get it working. I thought that refurbing the handbrake would be one of those nice little time filling jobs - unfortunately with this one it isn't going to take me long at all!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Radiator & Cooling Fans

Needing some odd jobs to do I thought I'd fit the cooling fans to the radiator - bit out of sequence but what the hell!. The Pacet fans come with through the rad fixings - however it is advised not to use these as they can knacker the rad capillaries if not frequently checked and adjusted. So as suggested by Craig at GD I decided to mount them on frames.

I used some 20x4 mild steel strip and cut four length the same as the overall height of the radiator and painted satin black. For the fan fixings I drilled 7mm holes for an M5 rivet nut, the holes were countersunk on the back so there would be no protrusions facing the radiator. The Pacet mounting blocks were reamed out from 6mm to 7mm to take the body of the rivet nut. This way the rivet nut forms a lug for the fan to sit on. The blocks were then secured t0 the frames with an M5x12 bolt, washer and spring washer. Below you can see the completed frames prior to fixing to the radiator:Following a similar method to that of GD the frames were riveted to the radiator frame. Instead of using 1 4mm rivet I used 2 1/8 (or 3.2mm) rivets. It's a bit nervy drilling into the radiator but trust me - there are no elements hidden behind! I know the frame looks too long and the rivets appear too high - but the picture was taken slightly upwards and doesn't show the curved edge to the radiator frame. The following picture shows the fans in place: The paint to the radiator on the front had been damaged by packing it when wet!! So seeing as it was a sunny day I rubbed down the frame and sprayed it - and here we have the finished article:The engine build starts week after next so in a little over 2 weeks it should be here. I've been compiling a list of the various bits and pieces I'll need to complete the install but I'm not going to order them until the engine is here - just so I can double check first!

Still haven't filled the diff with oil because I've been too lazy to go and get a flexible funnel!