Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Unfinished business up front

Time to finish some of the jobs I've been collecting up front!

First thing to do was to drill the steering arm bolts for lockwire. There have been some posts on the cobraclub forum concerning bolt heads braking off due to inaccurate drilling. This can be a problem if you drill across opposing faces - however if you drill as you would for nuts - i.e across adjacent faces then this does not pose any problems. This would be impossible if it wasn't for this handy little jig:
And the finished product: So the steering arm bolts were fitted and torqued up together with the lower calliper mounting bolt. The three bolts were then lockwired as shown which prevents the brake pipe from clashing with the lockwire. Speaking of brake pipes it was time to make some new ones - having re-installed the brake pipe bracket the right way up! This was done pretty easily using 3/16 Kunifer pipe (copper nickel alloy). It is important to put the right flares on the respective ends of the pipe - one end male the other end female. Pipe flaring was again pretty easy (after a couple of practice goes) using the simple flaring tool below - this shows the mandrel ready to be pushed in to form a male or single flare. After this has been formed if the mandrel is removed the 45 degree taper on the screw can be used to form a female or double flare. After a bit of measuring and bending the end result was reasonably neat:But more importantly - on full bump there was sufficient clearance to the upper wishbone arm.Just need to do the same on the other side now.