Monday, 12 May 2008

Fitting the Body - Day 3 - Let Battle Commence!

First off I fitted the replacement body mount - this was easier said than done in the limited space available - but eventually it was done.

After plenty of mucking about I found I couldn't get the engine bay mounts to butt up against the body - being about 2mm off. Jacking the body up - moving it forward - mounts up tight. Lower the body - 2mm gap??

After a quick call to Craig at GD we tracked this down to the boot having sagged slightly. Due to the slope of the back of the boot, as the body was lowered the boot back hits the body mounts and pulls the whole lot back!

So, after a bit of trial and error I found that jacking up under the boot floor by 2 inches gave enough leeway to get the mounts up tight. Jacking and packing under the front of the main floor enabled me to get the engine bay mounts lined up.

First the offside one went in (remember to check the length of the bolts so they don't foul the chassis):
Then the nearside one - I needed to open the whole out laterally by 1mm:

2 down..... 10 to go!!

I then let the boot down but the holes in the transmission tunnel were about 5mm out vertically. With a bit of levering of the boot back against the chassis and a neighbour sitting in the boot it came down to about 2-3mm.

I think the rest will come out so I have left it for tonight with about 150kg of ballast at the back of the passenger compartment - we'll see how far this gets me tomorrow.

It is starting to look like a car now:

Not much room left in the engine bay!I was thinking the other day that the holes were going to be a long way out and would need elongating a fair bit...... but with a bit of persistance you can get them pretty close. Definitely one job not to rush into!