Friday, 27 February 2009

A bit more progress

Having now got a gearstick it would have been rude not to fit it:

And having done that meant I could fit the escutcheon and gaiter:
The escutcheon fixings are tapped into the transmission tunnel section of the body effectively fixing the leather trim panel in place. All I need now is a knob!

I've also got the harnesses and eye bolts so the next step was to drill the holes in the floor for the eye bolts using the spreader plates as templates:
More mess to clean up!

The plan for tomorrow is to start fitting the seats - I expect this to be a bit of a faff and can't quite face it tonight!

1 Comment:

Andy said...

Looks good, much more to do?

Don't suppose you managed to measured the mounting holes before you put in in did you? If not don't worry, I can ask GD for the hole spacing's as they must know (or can measure a Tremec they have lying about).