Sunday, 22 February 2009

Still Snagging

Now here's another top tip - don't stick bonnet rubber round virtually the entire opening as I did!. Although it is squashy - the more of it you put on, the less the bonnet will squash it - leaving the shut line proud. You need to do it in three lengths like this:Which funnily enough is the way GD do it!! - Shame it took three hours to get glue from the previous attempt off!

The next faffing about task was to fit the mirrors. First off, the bracket for the mirror fits over one of the screen mounting screws. These screws - whilst countersunk - have a domed top that stands proud of the screen stanchion:So the first job is to remove them and file them down so the bracket will sit flush. Next you will need to cut down some M5 button head bolts to around 6.5-7mm - so that they will not foul the screen frame. Then you need to remove the glass in order to remove the supplied bracket from the ball joint and replace with the GD supplied item. Put the glass back in and fit the whole thing to the stanchion. As the fixing bolts are now quite short I added a couple of drops of thread lock:Did the same for the nearside and now we have a full compliment of mirrors:Next I painted the drivers footwell compartment drain outlet with the Liquid Rubber stuff and re-fitted the wheel. Whilst fitting the wheel I noticed how shiny the body was - even after collecting dust for a couple of months:I need to collect my remaining bits from GD to make much more progress but one last thing I did was to prepare the gear stick gaiter and escutcheon:It is not fixed yet - I just attached the leather to the trim ring to make fixing easier:Simply done with some double sided carpet tape.