Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More Leather and Starting Snagging

Finished installing the leather panels today. Before inserting the "hidden fixing" blts in the rear panel it is best to cut a slot in them. This means you can "hold" them with a screwdriver whilst tightening the nuts up in the boot:Here's the completed panels with the exception of the gearstick trim ring (and a fixing at each end of the "wings" of the back panel:I should be picking up the wheels and harness and some other bits 'n bobs from GD next week. I need the harness eyebolts before finishing the carpeting and fitting the seats. So in the meantime time to cross some more things off the snagging list:

Fitted the temperature sender grommets (Little awkward devils!!)

Cleaned up and re-fitted the Engine bay cover plate

Fitted the rear view mirror

I've taken some time out to double check what I still need and to order a few missing items!!