Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Adjusting the Timing and.... more miles

Bought a Dial Back Timing light today and used it to tweak the timing. I don't have a vacumm advance on my distributor (only needed for economy and emissions .. ha.ha.) so it was set to 36 degrees of advance all in at 3500rpm, which resulted in 16-17 degrees at tickover.

Had another fiddle with the idle circuit mixture screws and off for some more shake-down miles. Result.... it runs much improved at low rpm will pull from 1200rpm OK now. With the camshaft I have it is never going to be that smooth below 1200 rpm!

So that's 159 miles so far and all seems well - all fluids present and correct (no drips of anything on the garage floor), it gets up to temp OK then cycles between 80 & 90 on the stat. If you drop from 60/70 to 20/30 in traffic then the latent heat in the engine bay will cause the temps to just top 90 but then the fans kick in and its back down to 85 in 2 minutes. No strange rattles or squeaks, nothing dropped off. In fact, at the minute I can't think of anything needing attention - other than maybe another fiddle with idle circuit on the carb - odd whiff of petrol fumes in the exhaust in slow moving traffic now and again.

The paranoia of something going wrong is starting to subside a bit now so I might start to venture a bit farther away from home.... got my AA card and a mobile phone so I'll be OK!

The next milestone is 500 miles, drop the oil, new filter and start to build the revs up.


Andy said...

Get a few more miles under its belt and I might be tempted to get it up on stands, drop the wheels off and go round all the major bolts just to check nothing has backed off. But that would be my paranoia setting in!

Heading for Stoneleigh then?

STR said...

If the forecast is good and my breakdown paranoia has subsided enough to allow a 3.5 hour journey each way!

Don't worry... will be checking ALL fastenings.