Friday, 23 April 2010

Finishing the Suspension Adustments

Got home a bit early today so took the Cob down to the local tyre place to put it on the 4 wheel laser alignment machine.

I had suspected the front camber adjustments had resulted in an unbalanced toe-out condition - wondered why it seemed to turn in quick! If you move the upper wishbone fulcrum in (reducing shim) to increase camber, this effectively causes the steering arm to move outwards increasing toe-out.

A quick check showed everything to be within a few minutes of where I wanted it camber wise - it was just the excessive toe out on the front to correct, the rears still being spot on.

I had them set the front to 7 minutes toe-in per side - Andy advised running a little more toe along with the increased camber. I was just about to post up the computer output from the laser aligner only to discover I appear to have goosed my scanner???

A bit of roundabout surfing on the way home revealed a marked improvement - despite pushing it quite hard it still felt solid as a rock due to the anti-roll bar and increased front camber. Also after driving down my favourite bump steer route I could not detect any adverse effects. It would be good to take the car on a track as there is no way on earth you can explore the limits of grip on the public highway!

Right...... time to leave the suspension alone now!