Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hood Fitted!

Being under strict instructions to free up the dining room table it was time to crack on. I finished glueing and trimming the returns and had to come up with a means of sealing the hood against the body???

During the trial fitting of the hood It was clear that the gap between the hood and the body was pretty small and uniform. So I decided to use domestic "p" shaped draught excluder (in a double row). May seem an odd choice but the beauty of it is that it is very soft and compresses very easily (unlike the majority of automotive seals) - it also sticks like you know what to a blanket!
The only problem is that it only comes in brown or white:
The colour is not really an issue as the gap is so small you can't see it.

With the new hood pivot fitted it was time to fit the hood..... sheeeeesh - it needed some pulling to get the hood bows on - and that's not too easy either - need to learn the knack. After breaking a couple of fingers and plenty of effin' & Jeffin it was on:
Pretty pleased with it overall - it was a bit harder to tension and fit the hood bows than I expected but that's probably down to lack of practice . I'm gonna leave it up for a few days now for everything to settle into place.
Now I can get on with the sidescreens.