Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Not Fitting the Hood - Boat Stuff Instead

Whilst I'm waiting for a replacement Hood Frame Pivot from GD I took the opportunity to get some stuff done on the boat.

The original marine muffler was shot - it was in fact in several pieces!! So I designed a new one and we had it made up in stainless by a local guy. So this left the simple task of fitting it:
It is more than just a big tube with four smaller tubes coming off it - each outlet is via a water siphon inside the main tube.

The boat has had its GRP polished up and the trailer is being sprayed to match:
Most of the re-upholstery has been done and just needs putting back in the boat. A replacement air cleaner needs to be fitted (I have a spare Edelbrock one which should fit on the Holley carb if I can find some 1/4" studding. There are some bits and pieces of electrics that need tidying:The battery is out and is currently connected to my Optimate - the plan is to put it in the water on Saturday and see if it starts - the boat not the battery! - assuming it all gets put back together in time.
That'll be another day spent not fitting the hood!