Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fitting the Hood - Part 5

The hood has now taken up residence in the dining room ready for glueing the returns and trimming (I forgot to take enough photos, probably due to being high on evo-stick fumes, so I've included a couple from the build manual):
I tackled the rear section first which was relatively straightforward just requiring the hood material to be mitred around the corners:

So this leaves the hood bows at the front to do. Here you need to trim the hood material to clear the fixing lugs on the hood bows like this:

The hood material is bonded to the inner face of the front edge and the underside of the top face. I sprayed both the hood material and the hood bows for a good bond:

The surplus material can be trimmed off once the glue has had a while to cure:
This just leaves the two corners to be returned, glued and trimmed:So time to leave everything to cure a bit more overnight before a trial fit tomorrow to fit the hood bow catches and start to figure out the sidescreens: