Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fitting the Sidescreens - Part 2

Time to mill down the leading edge of the sidescreens - acheived easilly with the Dremel Router attachement. You need to leave an "island" of lexan where the hinge goes:
The rubber seal needs to then be trimmed to fit round the hinge positions:
Which it does quite nicely:
It was then a simple matter to fit the bottom rubber and fix the sidescreen into position:I was quite pleased that the rubber on the leading edge gave a good seal - even over the step by the screen bow:

Time to peel off the protective film:Repeat for the other side and job done:Went for a test drive - nice and draught free -although it wasn't raining so I couldn't spot any leaks.

However......... it is bloody noisy with the hood up. So much so I think you would need earplugs for anything over 45 minutes!