Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fitting the Sidescreens - Part 1

With the hood fitted it was time to tackle the sidescreens. I had got as far as fitting the "blank" drivers side screen:The next step was to pull down the protective coating so I could mark the various features of the hood on the outside of the screen:Then it was out with the trusty jigsaw - to cut Lexan neatly you need a variable speed jigsaw a turn it right down to around 500 strokes per minute and use a special plastics blade - this will give you a nice clean cut with no melting of the edge:And Voila!The next job was to position the catch and cut the hole out. The holes is not round - more like an oval with two straight sides. Time for a new Dremel attachment - a mini router:Job Done. I'll also need this to mill down the leading edge of the sidescreens. I have left a bigger gap between the sidescreen and windscreen frame than normal as I am going to fit a rubber seal. However the smaller rubber seals won't fit the 5mm thick Lexan. I'll need to reduce the thickness of the leading edge down to around 3mm. Then I can fit the leading edge and lower edge rubber seals and it should be job done!